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The Perk Beverage in Ponca City

I woke up one day and decided I was too young to just be dreaming about traveling. So, I decided to go on an adventure. Where would I go? I had no idea! I looked up the closest city to me in Oklahoma and found the cute town that is called Ponca City. Me, being the coffee fiend I am, had to go to a local coffee shop. I found the cutest little place called The Perk Beverage. My friend Cami and I got to witness the coolest thing I've ever seen make coffee, this odd looking device is called a Nispira. Never had I ever seen such a device. It made cold brew and Cami and I got to watch it work! It was super cool. The nice lady who made it and showed us how it worked was the most pleasant lady. She explained how it worked and invited us to come try it sometime but give her a days notice of course. Cami and I got some delicious White Chocolate Mochas from The Perk Beverage and I can definitely say, it was worth the drive.

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